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Taegu tec
  • Industry : Machinery Cutting Tools
  • Headquarters : Daegu
  • Employees in Korea : est. 1,300
  • Korea Establishment : 1997 (Acquisition)
  • Parent Company : IMC Group
Moshe Sharon

“ The quality of the human resources in Daegu is of first level, the highest level. And the background of it is the abundance of universities existing in Daegu and institutions existing in Daegu, teaching and training scientists and engineers into the tens of thousands every year. And this is actually the group of people which are candidates to be recruited by TaeguTec along the years. “
- Moshe Sharon, President & CEO of TaeguTec
Linde Korea
  • Industry : Chemicals, Engineering
  • Headquarters : Munich, Germany
  • Local Locations : Pohang (2)
  • Korea Employees : est. 150
  • Korea Establishment : 1988
  • Parent Company : Linde Group
Brett Kimber
“ We found that the labor is second to none, as far as the level of skill and the incredible dedication and hard work. From our management standpoint, it’s been actually very easy to have a cooperative relationship because of the strength of their skills matching what our requirements are , plus we have been able to take some of the employees to other points of the world to help uplift the skills in other countries. ”
- Brett Kimber – President – Linde Korea
Daicel Safety Systems Korea
  • Industry : Automotive
  • Products : Airbag Inflator
  • Headquarters : Osaka and Tokyo, Japan
  • Local Locations : Yeongcheon
  • Korea Employees : 180
  • Korea Establishment : 2011
  • Parent Company : Daicel
Shinji Tatsukawa
“ We have been supported in all ways greatly. This was the first time that we established a factory in Korea and we needed to get approvals accord-
ing to the various administrative laws and procedures. The support from DGFEZ was the biggest help that allowed us to receive all the approvals in a timely manner. Also, we have received incentives such as rent discounts. Even after moving in DGFEZ, we are still receiving continuous support. DGFEZ has aided us even with minor details such as recruitment, factory management and communication with local residents. All of these have helped us a great deal.”
- Shinji TATSUKAWA – Vice President & Plant Manager – Daicel Safety Systems Korea