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What is DGFEZ
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what is the DGFEZ

Established in 2008, the Daegu-Gyeongbuk Free Economic Zone Authority(DGFEZ) is a special government agency that offers customized facilities and space (manufacturing, R&D, logistics) for companies operating in the Korea and Asia-Pacific market. DGFEZ also provides financial incentives and relaxed government regulations for global companies.

DGFEZ has 8 sites located in the heart of 3 major manufacturing and R&D clusters (Transportation, Machine parts, Medical, ICT convergence). Companies are provided with the opportunity to work in a high-quality living and working environment while maximizing synergies with knowledge-based services and manufacturing companies.


Access from All Directions


Human Resources

Daegu-Gyeongbuk is a region where education has the utmost importance. 51 universities and colleges supply 57,000 graduates annually to some of the world’s leading companies. Daegu-Gyeongbuk also benefits from low employee turnover (3.2%).

  • Universities & Colleges : 51
  • Graduates : 57,000 Students/ 17,000 Engineering/ 1,400 Digital Contents
  • Specialized universities: DGIST (IT·BT·NT·MT), Kyungpook National University (electronics, electrics, mobile), Yeungnam University (machinery, textiles), Keimyung University (automobiles, biology), Daegu University (oriental medicine)

Excellent R&D Infrastructure for Your Business

A special R&D zone within DGFEZ was set in 2011 to allow companies and universities greater access to national funding. In addition to R&D space designated for companies, the DGFEZ Special R&D Zone has various public research institutes that are equipped for research in automotive including smart cars, machinery, IT convergence technology, and green energy.

    • Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics
    • Korea Multi-Purpose Acceleration Complex
    • Max Planck Institutes in POSTECH
    • National Institute for Nanomaterials Texhnology
    • Pohang Accelerator Laboratory Major
    • Daegu Mechatronics & Materials Institute
    • Gyeongbuk Hybrid Technology Institue
    • Gyeongbuk Institue of Convergence Industry Technology
    • Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials
    • Daegu Gyeongbuk Medical Innovation Foundation
    • Gyeongbuk Institute for Bio Industry
    • Institute for Korea Traditional Medical Industry
    • Korea Brain Research Institute
    • POSTECH Biotech Center
    • Daegu Digital Industry Promotion Agency
    • Dassault Systemes Daegu R&D center
    • Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
    • Gumi Electronics & Information Technology Research Institue
    • Korea Institue of Industrial Technology
    • Mobile Convergence Technology Center
    • DYETEC Institute
    • Gyeongbuk Natural Color Industry Institute
    • Korea Research Institute for FAshion Industry
    • Korea Textile Development Institue
    • Korea Textile Machinery Research Institute
    • Gyeongbuk Research Institute of Vehicle Embedded Texhnology
    • Gyeongbuk Institute for Advancement of Eco-friendly Auto Parts Technology
    • Korea Intelligent Automotive Parts Promotion Institute
    • Proving Ground for Intelligent Vehicle & Transportation
    • Daegu-Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology
    • Daegu University
    • Daegu Haany University
    • Daegu Catholic University
    • Keimyung University
    • Korea Polytechnics
    • Kyungpook National University
    • Yeungnam University

An ideal place to live _ A fun place to visit

Daegu metropolitan is well known for the hottest city of South Korea. ‘Hot’ does not simply imply the temperature but for its passion. Daegu hosts various international conventions and unique festivals such as Fried Chicken & Beer(Chimak) festival, International musical festival(DIMF) and numbers more. Gyeongsangbuk-do offers great access to 335km coastline, East sea, and breathtaking natural scenery as well as historical culture resource which takes possession of 20% over the nation. 37 universities and colleges are located in the region and it allows reach a chance of learning.

Operating Performance of DGFEZ

  • Ranked as ‘S’ from ‘Free Economic Zone Performance Evaluation’ in 2018
    • Achieved the highest rank ‘S’ from 8 sections over 14.
  • Awarded FDI Magazine ‘Global Free Zones of the Year’ in 2019
  • Awarded SITE SELECTION ‘Top Free Trade Zone Winners’ in 2018 & 2019