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IT Industry

The Daegu-Gyeongbuk area is well-known for having Korea’s largest IT cluster. The major companies within the DGFEZ represent a well-balanced mix of core IT sectors such as mobile, display, embedded S/W, and intelligent robots. In particular, major mobile devices producers such as Samsung and display manufacturers such as LG provide a baseload for other DGFEZ-based companies. Centered in Daegu, the IT cluster encompasses a number of cities in Gyeongbuk province: Gumi, Pohang, Gyeongju and Gyeongsan.

Recent growth has also been spurred by the increase in high tech medical research carried out in around the Medi Valley complex.

ICT research is carried out at the world-class facilities that include: the Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST) Pohang Institute of Technology (POSTECH) as well as and many government-supported research and development laboratories including: Pohang Intelligent Robot Institute (PIRI), and the Ubiquitous Technology Research Center (UTRC). These centers of excellence nurture IT-Convergence by providing an environment for open innovation.

  • Status of IT/SW industry in Daegu Gyeongbu(2014)
    Status of IT/SW industry in Daegu Gyeongbu(2014)
    Category(2014) Total Companies Employees Revenue
    (KRW 1 mil.)
    (KRW 1 mil.)
    Field of business IT Manufacturing 1,218 17,270 4,946,566 1,365,383
    IT Service 643 11,385 1,842,747 109,226
    SW 660 6,678 1,230,948 93,380
    All 2,521 35,333 8,020,261 1,567,989
  • ICT Human Resources of Daegu Gyeongbuk Region(2014)
    ICT Human Resources of Daegu Gyeongbuk Region(2014)
    Category(2014) Total Daegu Gyeongbuk
    IT Human Resource Sub total 39,381 17,466 21,915
    Technical College 15,746 11,337 4,409
    Human Resource
    University 23,635 6,129 17,506
    Sub Total 1,256 618 638
    Graduate School
    734 435 299
    Graduate School
    295 149 146
    Graduate School
    (Combined master's/
    doctor's course)
    227 34 193
  • For more information about IT Industry, download the full report here PDF