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  • Transportation
    • Daegu has an extensive transportation network with 2 subway lines, a full deployment of local buses (inner city and intra-city), a train station, and an international airport.
        Adult(Over 19) Youth(13~18) Children(6~12)
      Transportation Card ₩1,100 ₩770 ₩400
      Cash ₩1,200 ₩1,200 ₩500

      *Rates are per trip, not distance

    • Public Transportation
      • Public Transportation fees in Daegu range from 400 won (children) to 1,200 won (adult). People that purchase a subway card (2,000 won) receive a 100 won discount per use and can transfer freely from bus to subway.
    • Subway
      • There are 2 subway lines in Daegu running east and west. By 2014 a third line (monorail) will connect the city north and south. To view a map of the subway, click here.
    • Bus
      • There are hundreds of buses in the city running at any particular time. To learn more about the bus routes, click here.
    • Taxi
      • Taxis are relatively cheap in Korea, with basic fare beginning at 2,200 won. Taxis are widely available and travel to most destinations within the city should be under 15,000 won (approx. $15) Call taxi service is available by calling. 053-424-1111
    • Express & Intra-City Bus
      • There are a number of buses that connect Daegu to surrounding cities. For more information, click here.
    • Express Bus
      • Three express bus stations (all located next to DongDaegu Train Station) provide express bus service to various regions throughout Korea. All 3 stations are located within 100 meters of each other, with the stations organized by destination (North, South, West) For more detailed, click here.
    • IntraCity Bus
      • These buses connect to smaller more rural areas and generally take longer to reach their destination, though the bus fee is usually lower.
    • Dongbu Bus Stop (East)
      • Dongbu Intercity Bus Terminal
      • 481 Sincheon 4-dong Donggu, Daegu
      • ARS)1666-0017
      • Buses to Gyeongju, Pohang, Ulsan, Uljin, Gangneung, Sokcho, Cheongdo, Bangeojin, Yeongdeok, Yeonghae, Samcheok and Donghae can be boarded from here. Check details at the Dongbu Bus Stop homepage. It is located 500m up the street from the DongDaegu Station and Express Bus Terminal.
    • Bukbu Bus Stop (North)
      • Bukbu Intercity Bus Terminal
      • 1856-3 Bisan 7-dong, Seogu, Daegu
      • ARS)1666-1851
      • Buses to northern Gyeongbuk areas and the Gangwon-do area such as Andong, Gumi, Gimcheon, Sangju, Jeomchon, Yeongju, Bonghwa, Gunwi, and Uiseong. Check details at the Bukbu Bus Stop homepage
    • Seobu Bus Stop (West)
      • Seobu Intercity Bus Terminal
      • 1135 Daemyeong 11-dong, Namgu, Daegu
      • ARS)1688-2824
      • Buses to Gyeongju, Ulsan, Pohang, Gumi, Seongju, Masan, Jinju, Habcheon, Goyreong, Bugok, Haeinsa, Jeonnam and Jeonbuk.
    • Nambu Bus Stop (South)
      • Nambu Bus Terminal
      • 1041-1 Macheon 2-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu
      • TEL : 82-53-743-4464
      • Buses to Gyeongju, Cheongdo and Miryang.
      • Directions: From Suseong-gu Office, head towards Gyeongsan (Dalgubeoldaero) and the the bus stop is located to the left, approximately 1km on the northeast side of the Manchon Intersection.
    • Rail
      • There are two train stations in Daegu; Daegu Station and DongDaegu Station. Only DongDaegu (East Daegu) Station connects with the high-speed train (KTX). To see the schedule, train fares, booking, click here.
    • Air
      • Daegu International Airport offers twice daily flights to Seoul (one in the morning, one in the late afternoon). There are other flights that connect to overseas destinations such as Shanghai, Manila, Bangkok, Japan, etc. For more information about Daegu International Airport, click here.