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Sinseo Meditech District

  • Location : Sinseo-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu Metropolitan City
  • Size : 1,054,000.0㎡
  • Project Period : 2009 - 2015
  • Developer : Korea Land & Housing Corporation
  • Target : Medical Devices, New Drugs, Healthcare R&D

The Sinseo MediValley is a USD$4.3 billion national government-led medical clusters that is helping companies develop new drugs and design cutting edge medical devices. The keystone to the site is the Daegeu Gyeongbuk Medical Innovation Fund (DGMIF) that provides access to drug lab, devices testing, and lab trials. THE DGMIF is a world-class venue for not only conducting research, but also hosting national and international conferences with a purpose built communications centre. The DGMIF also provides access to relevant regulatory bodies such as the Korea Food & Drug Administration (KFDA) and the Korea Institute of Toxicology. Apart from the DGMIF there are also specialized research centers in neurosurgery, oriental medicine and 3D convergence technologies.

Nestled into wonderful foothills and close to well established residential areas, Sinseo Medivally provides a wonderful living environment as well as a world class medical innovation facilities.

Functional Scope


New Drug Development Center
  • New Drug Development Center
  • Function : Provide support for optimization and assessment of new drug candidates
  • Site area : 28,500㎡
  • Total floor area : 22,998㎡(B1, 9F)
  • Major Facilities : Collaborative research facilities, Assessment facilities
Medical Device Development Center
  • Medical Device Development Center
  • Function : Design, Production, Functional assessment service for prototypes of IT-related medical devices/equipment
  • Site area : 18,200㎡
  • Total floor area : 10,887㎡(B1, 6F)
  • Major Facilities: Product R&D tools, Prototype production machines and facilities, Product assessment equipment for EMI/EM test, Electro-mechanical safety test, Bio-compatibility Test etc.
Laboratory Animal Center
  • Laboratory Animal Center
  • Function : Raise animals and bio-resources for clinical trial for new drugs and medical devices
  • Site area: 13,700㎡
  • Total floor area : 8,696㎡(B1, 3F)
  • Major Facilities : Laboratory animal rearing and resources storage facilities, Animal trial facilities, Imaging diagnostic equipment etc
Clinical Drug Manufacturing Center
  • Clinical Drug Manufacturing Center
  • Function: Production and supply of clinical trial materials (CTM) in compliance with international GMP standards.
  • Site area : 9,700㎡
  • Total floor area : 8,600㎡ - 2 buildings (B1,3F)
  • Major Facilities : Separate production lines for General oral solids and Cytotoxic oral solids & injectables, Q.C laboratory, Process utilities etc
Communication Center
  • Communication Center
  • Function: Production and supply of clinical trial materials (CTM) in compliance with international GMP standards.
  • Site area : 10,112㎡
  • Total floor area : 17,702㎡(B1, 8F)
  • Major Facilities: Conference room, Audio-visual rooms, Venture offices, Residential neighborhood facilities, Sports facilities, Accommodations(short-term residents and short-term foreign residents with families), Foundation office